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FFJournal Highlights SmartPAC PRO Features

Star power of its own. That's what a recent FFJournal article said our SmartPAC PRO press controller is generating.

The article touted SmartPAC PRO's "dual-core processors, user-configurable dashboards, unlimited tool setups and the ability to connect machines and collect unbiased data in real time."

The Wintriss SmartPAC PRO featured in FF Journal

The author also detailed the press controller's ability to talk with other machines, decreasing the number of screens that operators need to deal with. The article noted that our newest press controller acts as a centralized repository for data required to run a press and ancillary equipment.

Jim Finnerty, Wintriss product manager, was quoted, relating how SmartPAC PRO helped reduce the complexity introduced by a new lube system added to a customer's press. "The press controller can automatically make any changes the part requires," he told the publication.

Also detailed is the development process we went through to create SmartPAC PRO. We spoke with engineers and customers and met with press operators to learn exactly what press control issues they face. One result is a customization feature that allows press operators to create their own dashboards with the information each operator needs. The dashboard can be saved, allowing the operator to call up the necessary information quickly and easily.

The article also mentioned the press controller's:

  • Thumb drive back-up
  • Built-in messaging system
  • Ability to share stored programs with other SmartPAC PROs on the same network

Other topics included the SmartPAC PRO's adaptability to any press, no matter what the age, and the ease of upgrading from a SmartPAC 1 or 2. SmartPAC PRO incorporates the best features of the older versions, eliminating the need to retrain operators.

SmartPAC Pro components include:

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