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SmartPAC PRO - Brake Monitor

Built-in, full-featured stopping performance monitor

SmartPAC PRO Error/Event Log

Monitors press stopping performance
The SmartPAC PRO's Brake Monitor is important to the safe application of machine guards such as safety light curtains. It warns the user when stopping time exceeds safe limits.

  • Real-time stop-time monitor
  • Displays stopping and starting time, and limits for both
  • Displays stopping angle to help determine the critical angle for die protection
  • Has the ability to perform a 90° stop-time test at the touch of a button
  • Separate brake warning indicator light

The SmartPAC PRO keeps your safety distance safe
The SmartPAC PRO Brake Monitor prevents the initiation of a successive stroke when the stopping time limit has been exceeded.

The unique brake warning indicator on SmartPAC PRO's front panel gives advanced notice that the stopping time is approaching its limit. This alerts maintenance to perform the necessary repairs on the brake.

The SmartPAC PRO Brake Monitor can perform a 90° stop-time test, which is required to set the proper safety distance for personnel guarding devices.

It Helps With Your Die Protection
The whole goal of a Die Protection system is to stop the press before it makes a bad hit. To do this, all stop decisions must be made before the critical angle. In addition to displaying stopping time in milliseconds, the SmartPAC PRO's built-in brake monitor also displays the stopping "angle" in degrees of rotation. This enables you to quickly and reliably determine if there is sufficient time to prevent damage.

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