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Die Protection & Measurement

Die Protection Systems

Wintriss has been the leader in Die Protection technology for over 60 years. Our flagship SmartPAC PRO press automation controller features the DiProPAC with up to 32 sensor inputs and a new suite of advance features that make it the most powerful die protection system in the world.

For less demanding applications, our stand-alone DiPro 1500 system features 6 sensor inputs and an optional programmable cam.

In-Die Measurement

The ProPAC module for the SmartPAC PRO has up to 16 analog inputs that can be used for in-die part measurement. With the appropriate sensors, the ProPAC can also be used to measure process parameters such as bearing temperature and air pressure.

ProPAC's Slug Detection Package provides a complete solution for detecting pulled slugs under a spring-loaded stripper.

In addition, ProPAC's versatile inputs can be used with standard discrete-output sensors, stretching SmartPAC PRO's die protection capability to 64 inputs.

Sensor Connection Hardware

Wintriss offers a complete line of products that enable you to efficiently and reliably connect your sensors in the die to the controller on the press. Our DiPro Sensor Interfaces (DSI 2) provide 24 VDC power and signal conditioning for electronic and electromechanical sensors.

We provide field-proven die mounted junction boxes and cables, as well as a full line of electronic and electromechanical sensors.

The Wintriss Store

The best die protection system cannot overcome inadequate sensors or connection harware. To make accessory selection bullet-proof, Wintriss has put together a collection of products in our Online Store that were carefully chosen for their ability to provide a robust solution specifically for die protection applications in the metal stamping industry.

In addition to sensors, sensor interfaces, and connection hardware, Wintriss is also including valuable application information specific to each item that was gleaned from our many decades of applying this technology.

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