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Tier One Auto Supplier uses ShopFloorConnect to Collect & Visualize Live Data

ShopFloorConnect enables the visual factory/>

This recent article in Canadian Fabricating and Welding describes how a Tier 1 automotive supplier improved efficiency after installing Wintriss controls and ShopFloorConnect.

Already a SmartPAC user, when F&P Manufacturing realized that Wintriss offered ShopFloorConnect (SFC) overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and data collection software that would integrate with the existing systems and collect and visualize live data from each SmartPAC, F&P acquired that as well.

"We decided to invest in SFC with the upgrades of our presses, and at the time, we really weren’t fully aware of the features and capabilities of the production efficiency system."

F&P worked with its IT department to set up remote servers and to give SFC access. The shop was impressed with how Wintriss helped set up the system and the necessary databases, and that service is one reason F&P continues to maintain a contract with them.

"Anytime there’s a concern, we contact them and the support is fantastic," said Kane.

At first the shop was focused on machine monitoring and had displays set up in the offices to show how the equipment was running and other KPIs. However, it wasn’t until the company realized that the system offered downtime tracking notifications, OEE reporting, and downtime analysis reports that it really began to understand how SFC can be used to enhance day-to-day operations.

"It’s a powerful tool for getting you the information you need as long as you use it properly," said Kane. "So far it has helped track equipment efficiencies, collect data for maintenance and troubleshooting, and helped us investigate points of failure in the process. It is real-time, accurate data. Operators can make mistakes when manually reporting, but the system eliminates that. For our stamping process, we use die protection and tonnage monitoring to track everything. We can identify ways a die fails and if there was a tonnage point failure."

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