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SmartPAC PRO Communicates

SmartPAC PRO has more built-in and optional communication and networking features than any other control. Find out how to put them to work for you.

SmartView is included with every SmartPAC PRO and allows you to view pressroom status from any web enabled device. ShopFloorConnect is a complete efficiency tracking system for monitoring uptime, downtime, reasons for downtime, and OEE. Works great on presses and any other machine in your shop. With the Info Center option you can retrieve setup instructions, part drawings, photos, and videos from a central location on your network. You can view and run your SmartPAC PRO remotely over your network from any Windows PC. Why program in two places? Set up your feed parameters on the SmartPAC PRO and then send them down to the feed controller when a tool is loaded. Back up all programmed tool information over the network. Should you lose info on the SmartPAC PRO it can be restored at any time. Send text messages from the machine to cell phones or tablets to summon personnel when assistance is needed. Get help for maintenance, QC, raw material, etc. Wonderware integration enables ancillary equipment to use the SmartPAC PRO as the primary HMI for interfaces developed in the Wonderware environment, thus eliminating the need for additioan screens

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