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AutoSet 1500 Series Tonnage Monitors

Advanced, yet easy-to-use load monitoring for your presses

AutoSet 1504+ Tonnage Monitor
Four-input AutoSet 1504+ model is shown. Two-input models are also available.

  • 2-input (1500 and 1500+ models) or 4-input (1504+ model ) tonnage monitoring
  • Calculates set-points automatically, based on actual load, not press capacity
  • AutoSet "Plus" models protect dies by detecting excessive stroke-to-stroke variation in tonnage
  • The "Plus" models also enable you to view reverse "snap-through" load. If reverse load is too high, it can damage the press.
  • Improves setups by providing tonnage information to eliminate errors in shut-height adjustments
  • Displays actual tonnages and setpoints for all four corners (both sides for 1500) of the press via large digital indicators
  • Provide output for your chart recorder to monitor tool wear and press conditions with load signature

Wintriss Strain links
Strain Links used with all Wintriss tonnage monitors.
These are mounted on the frame of the press.

Strain Link Mounting Dimensions

Here is a short presentation that outlines the basic operating principle of stamping press tonnage monitors, explains the four different types of setpoint limits, and describes the sensors used to measure strain on the press frame.

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