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Wintriss Controls has raised the bar once again with the introduction of the SmartPAC PRO Press Automation Controller.   The SmartPAC PRO features a large color touch screen, advanced communications, superior graphics and unparalleled connectivity. In addition to its core features, the SmartPAC PRO incorporates numerous performance enhancements. Here are some of the powerful capabilities that make the SmartPAC PRO the most exciting control product since... well... the SmartPAC 2:


SmartPAC PRO protects your press by monitoring either the peak tonnage or the force signature generated throughout the stroke, and stopping the press when limits are exceeded.

SmartPAC PRO protects your tooling by monitoring discrete sensors mounted in and around the die to detect malfunctions, stopping the press before die damage can occur.

SmartPAC PRO protects your reputation by monitoring part quality in the die, and diverting out-of-spec parts.


SmartPAC PRO's ProCamPAC is the most advanced Programmable Limit Switch available. Not only can it provide precise timing for cyclic events, it features built-in logic to control complex gagging operations, parts diverters, and conveyors.

SmartPAC PRO's RamPAC steamlines setup by automatically setting the ram shutheight, as well as counterbalance and die cushion pressure automatically for each die.


With its dual ethernet ports SmartPAC PRO can communicate with ancillary equipment such as servofeeds, lubrication systems and PLCs.

SmartPAC PRO's Wonderware option enables the SmartPAC PRO to be the last screen you'll ever need to put on your press.

The Info Center Option enables the SmartPAC PRO to display video, setup sheets, PDFs, drawings, photographs, and other information right at the press.


SmartPAC PRO can be integrated with the Wintriss WPC 2000 Clutch/Brake Control or as part of an integrated system to provide a complete control solution for your press.

The Option 2 Expansion Module for the SmartPAC PRO/WPC 2000 integration provides additional capabilities such as speed control, additional user-defined inputs, hydraulic overload control, flywheel brake control, a motor current readout, and press lube system control.

The SmartPAC PRO features a built-in stopping time monitor to ensure the continued safe application of machine guards such as Shadow 9 safety light curtains.

Productivity Enhancements

SmartPAC PRO include many productivity enhancing features such as user-configurable dashboards, on-screen help, bilingual capability, and enhanced diagnostics.

Presentation - SmartPAC PRO Features Overview

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