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SmartPAC PRO - Wonderware™ Option

"We don't need another screen on the press."

The Wonderware option

Nobody wants to have multiple HMI screens on their press. Wintriss has addressed this issue by developing an optional feature for the SmartPAC PRO that enables it to run HMIs that were created in the Wonderware development environment (not included).

The main purpose of the feature is to allow the SmartPAC PRO to replace the user interface for ancillary equipment, thus eliminating the need to put additional screens on the press. In other words, the Wonderware-equipped SmartPAC PRO can act as the touchscreen interface for 3rd party automation, provided the HMI for the 3rd party automation was created in Wonderware.

Wintriss can also use this option as part of a custom panel automation request.

Common applications for this capability include die clamping, moving bolster control, lube system and bearing temperature monitoring, and pick-and-place robotics.

Wonderware features hundreds of drivers for PLCs, drives, and other automation controllers, so whether you do it yourself, hire a contractor, or work with Wintriss, SmartPAC PRO can be the last screen your press will ever need.


We've got you covered regardless of the size of your automation or integration project. The SmartPAC PRO's PLC interface stores and shares press parameters, MODBUS tags, and status messages with your PLC.

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