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Set accurate, repeatable timing signals for your press.

The SmartPAC PRO ProCamPAC PLS has up to 16 output channels

Wintriss Controls Group is excited to announce an extensive feature upgrade for the SmartPAC PRO ProCamPAC Programmable Limit Switch. These new capabilities transform the ProCamPAC into a powerhouse capable of providing precise timing signals for your most demanding automation requirements. This upgrade includes five new cam timing logic types, as well as extended capability for existing functions.

The Wintriss ProCamPAC programmable limit switch makes it easy to set accurate, repeatable timing signals for your press.   The settings are stored in the SmartPAC PRO's tool number memory, and can be quickly recalled to save time during each die change.

The SmartPAC PRO ProCamPAC PLS has up to 16 output channels
ProCamPAC Main Run Menu

Programmable Limit Switch Key Features

  • Channels can be turned on and off up to 4 times per stroke for applications like spray lube systems that require multiple timing signals
  • Channels can be turned on with the DSV, and turned off a preset time after the press stops for controlling equipment like conveyors that only need to run while the press is running
  • Global cams allow you to set press-related functions once for all tools
  • Allows on-the-fly adjustments
  • The on-screen circle diagram represents press stroke for ease of programming
  • Auto advance - Timing automatically advances as the press speed changes
  • Ability to password-protect cam settings
  • Ability to custom name cam channels

The ProCamPAC PLS features a cam timing graph display
ProCamPAC Cam Timing Diagram

Programmable Limit Switch Applications

  • Part blow-off
  • Feed advance and pilot release control
  • Lubrication
  • Transfer timing
  • Conveyor control
  • Auxiliary cylinder control
  • Loader/unloader timing

ProcamPAC PLS timing adjustment screen
ProCamPAC Cam Timing Adjust Screen

In addition to simple On/Off outputs, ProCamPAC programmable cam limit switches feature several additional output types:

Timed Outputs
For a Timed PLS output, you specify the ON angle and dwell time (in milliseconds). The output turns On at the on angle, and turns Off when the dwell time elapses, whether the press is running or not. Timed outputs are ideal when the programmable limit switch is controlling the delivery of air or lubricant

The Timed output type prevents wasteful instances of part blow-offs or lube systems unnecessarily running after a press has stopped.

Auto-Advance Outputs
The Auto Advance function automatically adjusts the timing signal according to press speed. As the press runs faster, the SmartPAC PRO programmable limit switch will advance the timing to turn the output on earlier. If the press slows down, the output turns on later in the stroke.

Unlike “fixed” PLS outputs, Auto Advance outputs do not experience timing inaccuracy as a press ramps up to speed. This enables higher press speeds without risk of part quality issues or potential damage to ancillary equipment that could occur, for example, if the feeder’s pilot release timing was off.

Multi-On/Off Outputs
There are certain functions (such as spray lube systems) that may have to actuate several times during the press cycle. If the PLS has multiple On/Off capability, these functions can be controlled with a single output from the PLS. The SmartPAC PRO’s ProCamPAC outputs can turn on and off up to four times per cycle.

On w/DSV Outputs
Some items - such as conveyors and scrap choppers - should be running whenever the press is running, but should shut off when the press stops. Although they’re not timed with respect to crankshaft position, these items can still be controlled by the programmable limit switch using an output type called “On With DSV”. An ON-with-DSV output turns on when the press starts - i.e. when the Dual Safety Valve (DSV) energizes and turns off either immediately when the press stops, or a preset number of seconds after the press stops.

The ON w/DSV Output type removes the need for the press operator to turn off conveyors, scrap choppers, or other devices that need not run while the press is stopped. This saves energy as well as wear-and-tear on the equipment.

Global Cam Outputs
There are often fixed timing signals that are required by the press regardless of which tool is run. Examples include timing signals used by automated clamping systems, and timing for the hydraulic overload system. The ProCamPAC includes “Global Cams” that are automatically placed into every setup. Because of their sensitive nature, Global Cams can be secured with a password to prevent unauthorized modifications.

These types of press controls increase the accuracy and repeatability of your press room operations and reduce programming time during setup.

More Information

Here is a short presentation that outlines the basic operating principles, applications, features, and benefits of programmable limit switches.

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