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Process Control

Die Protection and Measurement

Wintriss has long been the leader in die protection technology. With the suite of recently released features, the SmartPAC PRO DiproPAC Die Protection Module is the most advanced controller of its kind. The SmartPAC PRO's ProPAC module enables you to make dimensional measurements in the die on-the fly, as well as monitor important process parameters.

Tonnage Monitoring

Whether your tonnage monitoring needs are advanced or simple, Wintriss has you covered. We offer stand-alone load monitors for all size presses, as well as tonnage monitoring modules for our flagship SmartPAC PRO.

Programmable Cams

Wintriss programmable limit switches make it easy to set accurate, repeatable timing signals for your press and ancillary equipment. All settings are stored in memory and can be quickly recalled to save time during each die change.

Shutheight/Counterbalance Control

Improve the accurcy of your setups and performance of your die protection control. The SmartPAC PRO RamPAC module automatically sets the press shutheight, air counterbalance pressure, and/or die cushion pressure when the die is loaded.


Whether it's memory backup, paperless access to documents, or realtime data collection, SmartPAC PRO has more built-in and optional communication and networking features than any other control. Find out how to put them to work for you.

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